Mercé Juves

In Mihai Bara’s work the spectator  will  notice the artist’s almost obsessive concern to reconciliate two distinct impulses; a strikingly violent expression of a scream and a need for harmony and unity. The painter fully masters the representation technique and seems to be driven by an ardent temperament in his endeavour to discipline matter, to enrich it by using an elastic, elevated, formal idiom. The impression you get is one of dynamic emotion, of restlessness in the transposition of his visions into a vivid, fluctuating matter, into a volcanic expression. The colours, the thick paste are applied with a constant control of the artistic gesture. The colouring explodes in hues of the highest degree of purity, in a concept that ensures the monumentality of his compositions and facilitates an enhanced abstraction

Mercé Juves nov.. 2008 Barcelona