Press Release

His work is a true fairy tale, a world of metaphors and meanings that “read” with excitement and fervor. His frames are as many allegories, with suggestive titles, that complement the perception. Musicians, clowns, city characters, girls and Eve, dogs and poets, hypocrites and lunar people, cities and keys come to float in these images as a game card, one without borders, but with an essential center. Such images do not start and end.

They encompass and penetrate, enter the game proposed by the artist with a penelope like a magic wand. Dynamic and vibrant images break into pseudodecupations that emphasize and unfold in all the space, like a sea of flags with frills as a destiny.

Original and expressive, Mihai Bâra is one of the best-rated Romanian artists with a conquering, magnetic work.The dynamic and vibrant imagery is decomposed into pseudo- segments that place accents and fill the whole space…..

The originality and expressiveness, the enchanting and magnetic quality of his work ranks Mihai Bara among the best Romanian artists. He is valued highly and displays his painting in reputed and influential Art Galleries……..He feels at ease within the exacting framework of Western exhibition spaces…….and this is visible in every single touch of his tumultuous painting.


Posted by :Marius Tita,Art Critic on 1st of may 2017